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The Heritage Foundation continually ranks Utah very poorly for election integrity.

While a few state representatives have asked for an audit, or to take actions to secure the integrity of our elections, the Lieutenant Governor has insisted that there are no problems and that the majority of Utah is not concerned about our elections. They have gone so far as to spend thousands of tax payer dollars on a marketing campaign to challenge those who are asking for an audit.


After the 2020 elections, Florida state reps and their governor decided to take every precaution to eliminate fraud and make it easier to find it when it happens.

Florida passed the following:

  • Requires voters who choose to vote by mail to provide a driver’s license number, or the last four digits of their social security number.
  • Voters who choose to vote in person can be verified by providing their date of birth and current address.
  • Establishes the 25-person Office of Election Crimes and Security under the Secretary of State’s office to look into voting irregularities or illegalities.
  • Bans ranked-choice voting statewide, including in cities and counties.
  • Stiffens criminal penalties for certain activities such as “ballot harvesting.” That is the practice of one person or organization collecting a number of completed mail ballots from other people and delivering them to an elections office or drop box.
  • Requires elections supervisors to clean up voter rolls annually, rather than every other year. Cleaning up the voter rolls entails removing deceased persons from the rolls, checking the status of inactive voters or voters whose addresses may have changed.


If you would like to see Utah pass similar legislation, please click below and take action now.


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