From Smart Cities, to Surveillance and the Inland Port, Utah has very strong ties with global partners and seems to be the pilot state to implement their programs. Join Enoch, from Defending Utah as he walks us through these one world organizations and their interest in Utah. Video on 15 minute city being built in Utah:    • This is terrifyin…   Defending Utah YouTube channel –    / @defendingutahradio   Freedom to Fascism – Aaron Russo Interview –    • Alex Jones Interv…   Utah Train Derailment –    • Utah Train Derail…   Anarchy USA Film –… Regional Governments/Shadow Government Deep Dive –… Film that Defines 12th Article of Faith properly –    • Full Film: Must C…   Stop the Smart Cities – An Action Plan in the article at the bottom: Changing our Form of Government – Public/Private is Illegal –… United Nations Utah home page –



We Are The People Rally

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