Bill NumberBill TitleSponsorPassedEffectiveGov ActionGov Date
HB0001S01Public Education Base Budget Amendments Eliason, S.1/27/20222/2/2022GSIGN2/2/2022
HB0002New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act Last, B.3/2/20227/1/2022GSIGN3/23/2022
HB0003Appropriations Adjustments Last, B.3/4/20227/1/2022GOVLVETO3/24/2022
HB0005Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Base Budget Barlow, S.1/27/20227/1/2022GSIGN2/2/2022
HB0006Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Base Budget Acton, C.K.1/27/20227/1/2022GSIGN2/2/2022
HB0007S01Social Services Base Budget Ward, R.1/27/20227/1/2022GSIGN2/2/2022
HB0008S01State Agency Fees and Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization and Appropriations Spendlove, R.3/1/20227/1/2022GSIGN3/24/2022
HB0010Lane Filtering Amendments Brooks, W.2/3/20225/4/2022GSIGN3/22/2022
HB0011S04Student Eligibility in Interscholastic Activities Veto Override 3/25/2022Birkeland, K.3/4/20227/1/2022GVETO3/25/2022
HB0013Special License Plate Designation Eliason, S.2/11/202210/15/2022GSIGN3/15/2022
HB0014Board of Bank Advisors Sunset Extension Ferry, J.2/3/20225/4/2022GSIGN3/15/2022
HB0015S02Child Care Amendments Pulsipher, S.2/17/20225/4/2022GSIGN3/15/2022
HB0016S01Emergency Response Amendments Dunnigan, J.2/4/20225/4/2022GSIGN3/22/2022
HB0017State Small Business Credit Initiative Program Fund Amendments Moss, C.2/3/20227/1/2022GSIGN3/15/2022
HB0018Intimate Image Distribution Amendments Collard, C.2/3/20225/4/2022GSIGN3/22/2022
HB0019S01DNA Specimen Analysis Amendments Eliason, S.2/17/20225/4/2022GSIGN3/22/2022
HB0020Extension of the Utah Council on Victims of Crime Lisonbee, K.2/3/20225/4/2022GSIGN3/15/2022
HB0021S01School and Child Care Center Water Testing Requirements Handy, S.2/22/20225/4/2022GSIGN3/23/2022


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