Utah. It might be getting under your skin just a bit.

The land of Deseret is also the home to the nation’s most aggressive drivers according to Forbes. Utah received 100 out of a 100 score with 76% of drivers reporting being honked at and 58% having received a rude or offensive gesture.

States were scored on a weighted scale, with different behaviors counting for different percentages of the final score. Here are the Forbes scoring system:

• Bumped, rammed into or otherwise damaged my car on purpose: 15% of the score.

• Followed me then got out of their vehicle to yell at or fight with me: 15% of the score.

• Forced my car off the road: 15% of the score.

• Pointed a gun at me or shot at me: 15% of the score.

• Cut me off on purpose: 10% of the score.

• Exceeded the speed limit to block my car from changing lanes: 10% of the score.

• Honked at me in frustration: 5% of the score.

• Made rude or offensive gestures at me: 5% of the score.

• Tailgated my car: 5% of the score.

• Yelled at me, insulted me, cursed at me or made threats: 5% of the score.

Forbes surveyed 5,000 drivers who own a car, with at least 100 drivers surveyed from every state.


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