“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…”

If you’ve read my first two pieces on the Wokish, you’ll be interested in this final list of Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture and Cultural Marxism definitions.  If you don’t understand the basic ideas and concepts your enemy uses, you can’t fight them, let alone defeat them.  

One of the tenets offered by the left (mentioned in my first post) is that “You don’t know what any of this is, you can’t define it!”  I’m here to help you define it.  This is your dictionary, or better yet, your encyclopedia.  

I wish I had come up with these definitions, I didn’t.  These are all from James Lindsay’s work on Critical Race Theory.  You’ll find all of these on his Web Site, New Discourses and his YouTube channel of the same name, I’m just aggregating them here for you.  My job is simply to inform, but James does a much more thorough job than I ever could.

I have paraphrased some of these definitions, I’ve transcribed them from his videos, but all of the meat and potatoes are here.

Part III of Tales From the Wokish: “Folks” to “Whiteness.”  Enjoy…


Critical Justice Warriors always use the term Folks to refer to people. Black folks, brown folks, queer folks. They have a lot of reasons or using the word folks, it depends on where you see it. The queer theorists use the word folks, so they have a gender-neutral term. There’s a deeper reason as well. Critical Race theory looks back to a black scholar from the early 20th century, W.E.B. Du Bois, who studied with the German philosopher Von Schmoller and took ideas from Johann Gottfried Herder in the late 1700’s. These two were Nationalist philosophers who believed in folk national identities. A particular way of viewing culture through folk music and folk tales. The terms Brown folks, Black folks, White folks are used to put groups in a nationalist identity rooted in their race. Race nation thinking at the level of folks.

It then meshes into the whole gender-neutral version. The same kind of thinking that led to the Volkish from the German. Hence Volkswagen, the People’s car. Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer. Dubois wrote The Soul of Black Folks. There’s a variation: Folx, with an X. More from the queer theory side, the x makes it double gender neutral. When you see the X on the end of the word, it’s queer affirming. See LatinX below.”


“Everyone is obsessed with identity these days. That’s because Critical Social Justice is obsessed with Identity and talks about it all the time. Identity to a SJW states there is no individual. Its all about the groups you belong to. You’re part of a collective or a tribe based on your immutable characteristics. Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality determine who you actually are.

Justice Warriors truly believe they have theorized identity correctly and that they understand identity in terms of the power dynamics in society. You can call the Social Justice movement identity Marxism. If you as a member of a particular group, don’t act or believe in the way that identity group is theorized to have experienced the world, if you don’t speak into theory as a member of your identity, you’re an inauthentic representative of that group. You aren’t you. What makes you you is obliterated. You’re only truly who you are if you accurately represent, according to them, the way the identity group they’ve placed you into thinks, acts, behaves and believes. And how it relates most importantly to the systemic power they believe is the organizing principle of society. You see why they don’t like people of color who don’t behave according to their plans.

You become a representative of identity groups according to how the SJW thinks of identity groups. Not who you are. Quite a story. You’re NOT an individual. This is Word Abuse.


“People are beginning to figure out dealing with Critical Social Justice ideology, that this ideology misuses words. Or creates new meanings for old words. Linguistic manipulations. Inclusion sounds good. Everyone wants to be included. Let’s not make people feel uncomfortable by telling them they don’t belong.

Within the SJW movement, they have a different meaning. They justify censorship and purges using this word. The way it works in Critical Social Justice is by looking at the effects that power dynamics have on different groups that they claim are marginalized, oppressed or excluded by the operation of that power dynamic. The White supremacy power dynamic excludes people of color.

If someone supports something that might be considered White supremacy, something like a racial micro aggression, it’s not inclusive and must be censored. Censorship follows inclusion. But because the very presence of people of certain races can reproduce those feelings of exclusion, discomfort or marginalization. Sometimes people themselves have to be removed, or people who say certain things in a certain way or are of certain types of beliefs justify purges. Inclusion means censorship and purges under Critical Social justice.

You are evil and must be purged. Another definition that doesn’t bode well.


“It’s not pronounced latinks, it’s pronounced lateen x. Just what does it mean? It’s goofy terminology. It’s obviously a superficial gender-neutral version of Latino and Latina. Those words indicate gender, it ends in o, it’s masculine, it ends in a it’s feminine. This is how some foreign languages work. The words themselves are gendered. Here’s an example of ‘gender’ in from Spanish:

el cuchillo – the knife, masculine
la cuchara – the spoon, feminine
el tenedor – the fork, masculine

The SJW, because of queer theory and gender theory, believe that these indications (Latina/Latino) will introduce gender power dynamics if we recognize that there are differences between men and women. Hence a gender-neutral version. It’s a little more complicated with LatinX. They’re also trying to use the X as a symbolic representation of indigenous cultures in Latin America that frequently use an X in their languages. They’re trying to drudge up an affinity with queer theory AND with the indigenous aspects of CRT.

It’s a virtue signaling tool that tells you how the SJW thinks about identity. SJW’s think about it in a way that say they care about both gender neutrality and colonialism over indigenous tribes. “Look, I’m a good social justice activist.” In reality, in the Spanish language, no one uses it and it’s unpronounceable. It’s also an insult to the Spanish language which uses gender to identify almost every noun in the language. Those who speak Spanish think it’s absurd. Even if they’re indigenous or queer.”


“How do SJW’s think about the term Race? It’s very manipulative. Here’s how the Social Justice Diversity Equity and Inclusion glossary from Brandies institute from 2004 defines Race (yes, the R word in the middle of Critical Race Theory):

“Race is a misleading and deceptively appealing classification of human beings created by white people originally from Europe which assigns human worth and social status using the white racial identity as the archetype of humanity for the purpose of creating and maintaining privilege, power and systems of oppression.”

SJW’s don’t mean somebody’s skin color, ethnicity or background, they mean what political category they have to be forced into based on the political creations of white people from Europe that wanted to create and maintain a power dynamic and privilege for themselves to keep their advantage.

There’s a very Marxist feel to the way they’ve defined race. Not what you would think it would mean? It’s not. It’s a specialized meaning. When CRT says it’s going to analyze relationships between race, racism and power, they don’t even mean the same thing most people think it means. You keep using that word…”


“In Critical Social Justice theory, Whiteness is a set of socio-cultural properties that white people have given to themselves and those they have deemed worthy. It’s used for exclusion. It’s used to give the keys to the upper echelons of society only to those white people consider worthy. People who SJW’s say ‘Act White’ or are White Adjacent. People close enough to white people to be accepted by white people.

Whiteness is billed as separate from actually being white, having white skin, happening to be white or having white privilege. Barbara Applebaum, a whiteness scholar (yes, that’s a thing), writes in her book Being White, Being Good that there’s little or no difference between being and doing where it comes to being white and having access to whiteness.

These are things white people can’t renounce even if they want to. By virtue of being white, you cash in on whiteness. By virtue of acting white or subscribing to white supremacy culture values like punctuality, dependability, trying to get the right answer in mathematics, you position yourself as trying to gain the benefits of whiteness. The benefits of whiteness are an exclusive, elusive, country club status white people have set up for the high echelons of society.

Interesting understanding of the term whiteness. My white privilege manifests itself with two scars, one on my arm, one on my head, where the skin cancer has been surgically removed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, but I expect you’re confused and possibly a little angry at having been both lied to and gas lighted.

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Thanks again to James Lindsay who has gone down the Social Justice and Critical Race rabbit hole for a long time now. Read more on his website, New Disclosures and listen to more on his New Disclosures YouTube channel (while you still can…)


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