“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…”

If you’ve read my first blog piece on the Wokish, you’ll be interested in more of the Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture and Cultural Marxism definitions.  If you don’t understand the basic ideas and concepts your enemy uses, you can’t fight them, let alone defeat them.  

One of the tenets offered by the left (mentioned in my first post) is that “You don’t know what any of this is, you can’t define it!”  I’m here to help you define it.  This is your dictionary, or better yet, your encyclopedia.  

I wish I had come up with these definitions, I didn’t.  These are all from James Lindsay’s work on Critical Race Theory.  You’ll find all of these on his Web Site, New Discourses and his YouTube channel of the same name, I’m just aggregating them here for you.  My job is simply to inform, but James does a much more thorough job than I ever could.

I have paraphrased some of these definitions, I’ve transcribed them from his videos, but all of the meat and potatoes are here.

Part II of Tales From the Wokish: “Accountability” to “Equity.”  Enjoy…


“The Wokish will tell you Cancel Culture isn’t real, it’s all about Accountability. Social Justice Warrior (SJW) activists have a strange relationship with accountability. Really, they don’t want accountability. You can tell they don’t want it. If an activist has ‘power’ at a school board and they implement some kind of policy about how to educate. Let’s say a disciplinary program is developed for kids who act out at school. The next step is to get rid of tests, grading, and assessments. They don’t want anything that’s going to prove their program is a failure. They don’t want actual accountability for what they’re doing, they want a license to bully. Accountability is their license to bully their detractors into submission, into agreeing with them. They will create an outrage mob that appears to generate some kind of consensus. Constant hectoring with public relations messages and social media posts. To get your employer or friends to abandon you.

They dress this up as accountability, they hold you accountable every time you disagree. Things you say that are perfectly reasonable, perfectly legal and within your right to free speech, that they didn’t want to hear or others to know. They don’t like to be held accountable, but you will be.”


“The idea of ‘anti-racism’, one would think, is being against racism. The concept is more specific for the Woke. The Critical Race Theory definition is a life-long commitment to an ongoing process of self reflection, self critique and social activism and no one is ever done. More than you thought you were signing up for when you decided to be against racism. You can’t just do any kind of self refection or self critique or social activism in this life-long ongoing process. You have to become a critical race theorist, or you’re a racist. There is no gray scale, no ‘neutral’. You have to sign up for a life-long commitment to being a critical race theorist, doing the work of critical race praxis, of waking up other people to a racial consciousness so everyone will become a critical race theorist too. That’s what you have to do for the rest of your life to qualify as an anti-racist.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

“What is CRT? The Woke will tell you ‘You Can’t Define it”. Well, let me define it for you; here’s what it is broken down:

CRT is a movement in scholarship activism and especially law and education (as well as other fields) designed to reconsider the relationship between race, racism, and power. To be frank, it is the belief that the fundamental organizing principle of society is racism. This racism was created by white people specifically to oppress people of other races and that those white people maintain this racism to maintain advantages in society. So that’s what it’s all about.

We could also say its a Neomarxist strategy to make use of racial minorities to try and make way for cultural revolution in America, as Herbert Marcuse wrote in 1969 in his essay on liberation. It is the attempt to use race to break open America for a communist style revolution based on equity rather than using pure communism and just economic disparity. Pretty easy to understand. The ordinary state of affairs in our society is racism, racism hides itself rather than improving, it is permanent, and it takes somebody called a Critical Race Theorist to find that racism and call it out, hence bring us to a place where we can overthrow the entire system. No incremental progress, just overthrow and overhaul the entire system in a social and cultural revolution.

It’s the only way to get to the post racial utopia that it theorizes. The best parts of communism and the best parts of racism mixed together to break America.”


“According to the Woke, we must decolonize everything. Books, Curriculum in the schools and universities, the workplace, all professions (medicine, law, engineering, even graphic arts). What the Critical Justice movement believes is that western civilization, by virtue of how successful it’s been at making things work and elevating the standard of living, AND it’s spread around the globe has essentially colonized the world and the way the world thinks. Just like colonialism of centuries gone by.

The Justice movement thinks the very ideas and ways of thinking, what we consider knowledge, the way we get the truth is colonizing or infecting the rest of the world. What the movement has to do is ‘Decolonize’ and remove enlightenment rationalism and the other principles of the liberal order and western civilizational thought from EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE and replace it with other things from other traditions. That may sound good, but we’re talking about removing high level classics in books, decolonizing methodologies like engineering and basic physical laws to other ways. Removing every vestige of western liberal and enlightenment thought from everything and replacing it. What will it be replace with? Well, we must think of things in a way the critical SJW activists want us to. Complete and total revolution. It doesn’t bode well”


“It sounds like something everybody wants. People with different backgrounds, different expertise, different perspectives. We’re going to bring them in and get them all in one place and it’s going to be a diverse environment.

Social Justice uses the word to mean commissars or apparatchiks, an official of the party. People who are trained in and believe in the ideology. You can read this explicitly for example in a diversity, equity and inclusivity program being installed at the University of Texas, Austin. They write that when they’re looking for people to hire under Diversity, they’re looking for people who have been TRAINED in diversity, not necessarily those with diverse backgrounds who look different or are of a different race, ethnic or sexual backgrounds.

They believe identity comes with a certain experience of life, and those experiences confer privilege or oppression. When you live that experience of privilege or oppression, there’s an authentic understanding of it. If you speak with that critical consciousness, you have skill and diversity. If you deny the privilege or oppression, and you don’t repeat the ideology, you DON’T have diversity or you have the wrong kind of diversity.

Diversity is hiring or employing people who believe in Critical Social Justice ideology, not that they conform to the common definition of Diversity. Interesting, no? You have diversity or you don’t.”


“Equity means redistribution. It also means reparations. It’s a program meant to redress. It’s described by the SJW as creating equality of access, which is different from equality of opportunity. The SJW can tell if there is a quality of access is if there are equality of outcomes on average by identity group. They manipulate the situation so they can arrive at equal outcomes. If the outcomes aren’t equal, they manipulate the situation even more until the outcomes for every individual are equal.

It’s even more than that, to achieve equity and further to achieve what they would say is justice, they have to go even further than just getting EQUAL access as measured by equal outcomes. There has to be redress and reparation for past injustices. Payback of the sins of the past in order to get to a point of equity. Equity is the redistribution of resources. Marxism 101.”

Thanks again to James Lindsay who has gone down the Social Justice and Critical Race rabbit hole for a long time now. Read more on his website, New Disclosures and listen to more on his New Disclosures YouTube channel (while you still can…)


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