“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…”

You may or may not recognize James Lindsay’s name. For those who don’t, James is a mathematician. He garnered a PhD in mathematics from the University of Tennessee. He got derailed from his mathematics endeavors by the idea that math is being touted by the critical race theorists as racist:

“Math proficiency is white supremacy, math is a ‘harbor for whiteness’, the very nature of the knowledge and who’s produced it, and what has counted as mathematics is itself dominated by whiteness and racism.” – Deborah Lowenberg Ball, Professor of mathematics and former dean of the University of Michigan School of Education

Lindsay became a bit incensed by this twisting of language. Oddly enough, James Lindsay started out as a liberal. In his defense, he’s a Classical Liberal and indeed the concepts of classical liberalism to a great extent brought Europe out of the Middle Ages, into the Renaissance and began to dissolve the old feudalization of society.

You can read more about Lindsay in the link above on his name, though it IS a link to Wikipedia. You can also find out more in my previous posts about Critical Race Theory and The Crypto Woke.

Suffice it to say that Lindsay, like many left leaning intellectuals, has become Red Pilled. He’s studied Critical Race Theory, and its Marxist origins. One of the things that has happened with Marxism is its transformation from economic to social divisions. If you look up Cultural (social) Marxism, Wikipedia is kind enough to tell you that Cultural Marxism ‘refers to a far-right anti-Semitic conspiracy theory which claims that Western Marxism is the basis of continuing academic and intellectual efforts to subvert Western culture.’ The biggest lie ever told was the Devil trying to convince the world that he doesn’t exist.

Cultural Marxism is the basis of Critical Race theory. We are no longer being divided into economic groups by Marxist theology, but into cultural and social hierarchies. Race, Age, Sex (especially sex) and nationalities and religions. I’m hoping the resulting intersectionality will end up being a circular firing squad for the Wokish. Get Woke, Go Broke as the saying goes. Who is highest on the hierarchy: Women? Black Women? GAY Black Women? Transgender Gay Black Women? Let’s see, who has more rights and greater power?

Basically, it’s all a power grab. The ends justify the means because: Equity. And much of this power grab has been done with ‘diversity’ in mind and some clever Language. Equality of Outcome vs. Equality of Opportunity. Level the playing field so we’re all equal. Or if you like bring us all down to the same level of economic and cultural outcome. Sadly, everyone loses. Especially people of a certain color (or non-color if you like), that color being white. White folk are the enemy. Privilege beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and THAT must be stopped. Racism at its finest.

James Lindsay has created a little online world where he examines the language and culture of Critical Race Theory. He Calls it New Discourses. A website with a plethora of pages including Subscriber podcasts, non-Subscriber podcasts, Critical Education, Books, Merch AND a Social Justice Encyclopedia.

I found his encyclopedia fascinating. By controlling language, the Critical Race Theorists control the culture. Doublespeak. Orwell’s 1984 was meant as a warning, not a manual.

I’m going to include one of of Lindsay’s Dictionary/Encyclopedia definitions for your reading pleasure here in this post, and more of them in some sequels. He’s done a GREAT job with these and has created short YouTube videos for them as well. You can check out all his non-subscription work on his New Discourses YouTube Channel, where he has garnered almost 100K subscribers since he and Peter Boghossian started New Discourses in November of 2019.

So please enjoy this first word salad definition. You’ll be amazed and hopefully enlightened.

Tales from the Wokish. A vocabulary lesson. James’ investigations have turned him into a far right radical. I don’t get anything for this but read his book Race Marxism.

You keep using that word… To the Wokish, these words have meanings you need to understand. They don’t mean what you think they mean. Control the language and you control the conversation. The Wokish terms tend to have more than one meaning and non-standard meanings. Don’t let them distract you!

James’ encyclopedia, Translations from the Wokish, has far too many posts to list here but I’m going to deliver a taste of his masterpiece, with apologies for my reader’s digest version of Lindsay’s brilliant work. PLEASE visit James’ site New Discourses for a deep dive into Wokishness, Critical Race Theory and for links to his podcasts and books. You’ll be glad you did.

I’m going to start my primer with ‘Democracy’, though the rest of my posts will contain terms in alphabetical order for you to use as weapons in this war. Yes, we are at war. I’ll borrow Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson’s term: Info Wars.

Critical Justice Theory’s definition of Democracy may shock you. That’s the reason I started wit it. I’ll bet you thought you knew what the word Democracy means. Enjoy…


“The woke term Democracy has a ‘presupposition’ to it. Under critical social justice ideology, if people aren’t perfectly ‘equal’ first, their voice isn’t equal. If you have more money than me, or more ‘privilege’ than me, your voice is amplified, people might take you more seriously. If you are above me in any way in privilege or resources on the ‘hierarchy’ you have more voice than I do.

According to the woke, the only way we can have a true Democratic system, an ideally Democratic system, is if everyone is made equal first. In other words, Communism. Something that’s been said by Communist theorists all the way back to Vladimir Lenin. It’s been touted by the liberation movement and the neo-Marxist traditions in the 1950’s and 1960’s. To appeal to or protect or save our Democracy, they presuppose that Communism is necessary to Democracy.”

Thanks to the brilliant James Lindsay who has gone down the Social Justice and Critical Race rabbit hole for a long time now. Read more on his website, New Disclosures and listen to more on his New Disclosures YouTube channel (while you still can…)


We Are The People Rally

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