2022 Orem School District Feasibility Study Shows Positive Results From Split With ASD.

In the July 12th Orem City Council meeting the Mayor and City Council received the results of the 2022 Orem School District Feasibility Study to see if Orem should break away from Alpine School District. The Comprehensive Study analyzed school district growth, unresolved seismic safety issues, student test scores, Title I concerns, teacher pay and benefits, class sizes, student enrollment, and local representation, in addition to financial viability.

A key point at the beginning of the study indicates if Orem stays with Alpine and $595 million bond proposed by Alpine passes, taxpayers in the school district would see a 12.8% increase in property taxes. If Orem creates a new school district and Alpine does not pass the bond, there would be a 3.5% tax increase.

The expansive detailed study also indicated Orem taxpayers contributed $910M to ASD and only received $163M in bond allocations for capital improvements. Representation would increase in the new district by providing 7 Orem board members. 12 Orem Schools have needed seismic upgrades for the past 16 years. These upgrades have not been prioritized against new buildings under ASD.

Alpine School District K-12 schools in Orem student achievement has declined. The study indicated alterations and distortion of school testing and reporting had been provided by the Alpine School District for the Comprehensive Study compared with the same student test scores reported by ASD to the Utah State Board of Education.


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