Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee addressed concerns he has about the election results certifying process at Tuesday’s Board of Canvassers meeting. The Utah County Commission unanimously proceeded to certify results. Commissioners agreed to pursue the review of cast vote records as part of ongoing review and improvements.

Lee and Commissioners Tom Sakeivich and Amelia Powers Gardner serve as members of the Board of Canvassers, their responsibility is to vote to certify the GOP primary election results that occurred two weeks ago. Lee requested requested the CVR documents last week, explaining that as a board of canvasser member he must make an informed decision before voting to certify the election and not be a rubber stamp. He questioned the certifying process and said he believes having an outside party audit the election results would calm public fears on election security.

Lee said in a Daily Herald article, “I sit on the Board of Canvassers, and I take that seriously,” Lee said. “I’ve had questions about the canvassing rule over the years. It’s always been kind of loose about what it means. For the most part, it means the canvassers, the county commissioners, are supposed to trust and not verify, which I think is backwards because it’s set up for the canvassers to have the ability to have a process to say that we feel comfortable with the election.”


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