Born to Stand

Utah locals, Nicole Hansen and Tiffany Barker share about how they were inspired to write and sing this song. A song about being called to stand up for freedom, for the children, and for God. The suffering and pain it will cost us, and the joy that comes from becoming the man or woman God […]

Black Friday Sale

Shop with us November 22- November 29th for our biggest mark downs of patriot gear. Buy shirts at cost, while supplies last. We ARE the People!  

A warning from Venezuela

David Hurtado miraculously escaped death in Venezuela in order to bring a warning to America. He witnessed the collapse of a nation, and recognizes the same patterns unfolding in Biden’s America. Join We ARE the People Radio for a story that you will never forget.  

Propaganda in Utah

Whether we realize it or not we are engaged in information warfare. Since 2020 government and corporations have been working together to push propaganda on a scale the world has never witnessed before. From billboards, commercials, news, the narrative has been pushed in such a consistent and collaborated way that few could see the global […]

NYC Mayor Adams Declares State of Emergency Over Monkeypox

New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Monday declared a monkeypox state of emergency. Adams’ emergency declaration comes after Governor Hochul issued a state of emergency for the state of New York. Follow the Link: Gateway Pundit…