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Emergency prep links The four monthly topic handout PDFs: Food: ‪… Water: ‪… Sanitation/Vitamins/First Aid: ‪… Fuel/Clothing/Shelter:… ————— Video links.

Recordings of each monthly event. Watch these then refer to the product link document for items discussed: FOOD NIGHT: ‪   • Food Night (conde…  ‬ WATER NIGHT: ‪   • WATER NIGHT (high…  ‬ SANITATION/VITAMINS/FIRST AID NIGHT: ‪   • SANITATION, VITAM…  ‬ FUEL/CLOTHING/SHELTER NIGHT: ‪   • FUEL/CLOTHING/SHE…  ‬ SKILLS NIGHT: ‪   • Skills Night!  ‬ ———— Product links (updated)! This document has links to all the best-priced products we found in each of the categories. In today’s market with its many shortages, it is a bit hard to keep up with available products and some links will show unavailable. I try to update them periodically: ‪… ———— Base goals, for those who just need the most simplistic place to start:…

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