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Voter Voice is our new comprehensive digital advocacy solution to help us mobilize our supporters and amplify our message. Take action on the legislation and regulations that matter to you. Our goal is to support or oppose legislation at the local, state and federal level.  To let our representatives know both that we are watching and to let them know just how we feel about upcoming legislation.  Included in that is education to let you, the people, know what your legislators are doing.

Our first action item:
Repeal Senate Bill 54

SB 54 was a controversial state senate bill that put the Republican party at odds with itself.  It allowed for a candidate to gather signatures to get their name placed and printed on the primary ballot.  It replaces and/or bypasses the traditional and well loved caucus and convention system used by political parties to nominate candidates with a direct primary election.

You can let your legislators know that it was a mistake.  It allows anyone with the funds to pay for signature collection.  With sufficient signatures, that candidate gets their name entered into the primary and printed on the primary ballot.  It has, for all intents and purposes, negated the caucus system in the state of Utah.  Caucuses are our time tested and extremely efficient method of nominating vetted candidates for the primary elections.  SB54 completely circumvents the caucus system in our state.

Click the button below to take action and write your state legislators and tell them what you think about this infamous piece of legislation and what you believe they should do about it!


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