A new NBC/Telemundo poll shows Republicans gaining ground among Hispanics just ahead of the Midterms.

The poll shows that while 54 percent of Hispanic registered voters prefer the Democrats retain control of Congress, a whopping 33 percent of Hispanic voters prefer Republicans gain control. And while that 21 percent difference might seem large, as the New York Post points out, “that’s down from a 26-point lead in October 2020, 34 points from October 2016 and 42 points from October 2012.”

In the space of 10 years, Republicans have effectively cut the Democrat’s share of the Hispanic vote in half — truly impressive and indicative of the overall popularity of an America First populist brand of politics.

As NBC News reports, even Democrat pollsters are starting to notice a shift towards the party of Lincoln in the Hispanic community:

“‘While Latinos continue to lean toward the Democratic Party and prefer Democratic control of Congress, Republicans have a higher share of the vote than we’ve measured previously,’ said Democratic pollster Aileen Cardona-Arroyo of Hart Research Associates, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff and his team at Public Opinion Strategies.

The poll shows Hispanic voters prefer the way Republicans handle both the border and crime. The poll also finds only 42 percent of likely Hispanic voters have a favorable view of how President Biden is handling the border crisis and only 41 percent on how Biden is handling the economy.


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