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Hello world!

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    • David says:

      To fix American politics one has to be willing to assume it needs fixing in the first place. Some Americans feel strongly that the American political scene is a complete and utter mess; other Americans feel as if everything would be okay if the other side would stop playing political poker in a selfish quest for power. Most Americans, all polls show, are disillusioned and unsure which way is the best way to move forward.

      The most common assumption is that the Federal Government has gotten too big to be either effective or efficient. Some politicians want the States to gain more control, other politicians want a smaller government in role and scope, and yet other politicians wish to maintain the status quo.

      It is apparent to many Americans that President Obama prefers the latter. Based on a lack of cooperation between political parties, and coupled with a lack of concensus for reforming a wide array of topics including healthcare, energy, immigration, budgetary and the tax system, many citizens have concluded Mr. Obama is unable to create the impetus necessary for wide spread reform.

      Mr. Obama’s socio-economic/socio-political aqgenda has also created doubt in the business community; a reflection of this is that the Dow and S&P 500 have consistently remained at lower levels than when he took office. little to no movement, percieved or otherwise, andimplemented under President Obama many Americans have concluded President Obama has not lived up to expectations.

      These Presidential events or non-events has left the door wide open for Americans to vote, once again, for a total shift in political parties. At this point in time it is highly probable that the House, Senate and White House are all up for grabs.

      The crux of the matter is money. The U.S. is running at record defecit levels with no end in sight and many Americans have had their fill of it.

      The issue of citizens feeling as if their government does not truly and properly represent them is at an all time high, yet the problem remains unresolved.

      Some people feel as if they need to take matters into their own hands more than they ever have.

      We Are The People is an organization that allows people to get their voice back. Through voting millions of people can join together to influence America’s politicians. is a website devoted to the voting cause.


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